Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Life's a Climb...

So you might have noticed (or not) that the archive of old blog entries is empty and there is a good reason for this which is that I deleted them. I decided on Monday evening that I was going to start blogging again and wanted to start fresh and clean. When I came up with the name “The Incredible Shrinking Man” for the blog back in 2009 it was at a time when I was feeling optimistic and determined to make my weight loss journey a success. See in April of 2009 I tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide, I can still recall as I sat contemplating a third attempt, an attempt I was determined would not fail that I came across a song called “The Climb” a song which without trying to sound melodramatic saved my life, it made me recommit to weight watchers and brought me out of my depression, at least temporarily.

Whilst the last 8 years have had many ups and downs I’m still here and still trying to realise the dream, there have been several downs, actually probably several dozen, a couple of half-hearted attempts to kill myself and lots of self-harming but always another day, for every step back I’ve tried to take a step forward. On the balance sheet of my life I’m definitely in the red however a good friend once told me that no matter how many times you stumble and fall, no matter how many times you feel like giving up as long as you get up and try just one more time then you haven’t failed at all you’ve just delayed the success.

I don’t know what this blog will contain week to week, but I do promise that it will be honest, I might be flying high or sinking low but each Wednesday my insane little brain will spew forth something to keep me taking one more step on this journey I’m on.

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