Wednesday, 19 April 2017

It's Always a Good Time

So I’m sat in the living room with my headphones on listening to a new CD, “The Best of Eva Cassidy” with absolutely no idea what to write this week, mentally and emotionally I’m doing great, I’m still in a lot of physical pain with my knee as moving it too much is excruciating, and really starting to piss me off. Don’t feel like I’m making any headway with my weight journey, I’m not attending weight watchers meetings but am still using the app to stay (or try to) on track. Daily I’m on the maximum number of points (93) which is loads so for this week I’m going to drop them down to 70 and see if that helps any (side bar – Time after Time just came on, love this song)

Cats just come in, bless him he isn’t well, he got attacked a couple of weeks ago by we assume a fox, certainly it was something bigger than another cat, he had hurt ribs for a few days but thankfully that got better the things that has us worried is the damage to his back near the neck, at first there were several puncture wound but now there is this huge scab which is coming off though there is a lot of gunk and puss underneath, he’s going to the vets tonight so I’m hoping that it isn’t anything too major, just that it needs some cleaning and antibiotics.

Binge watched Th1rteen R3asons Why today, it’s on Netflix and well worth checking out, it centres on the suicide of a teenage girl called Hannah and the 13 reasons why, this is explained by a serious of tapes that Hannah recorded prior to her death and that have been mysteriously delivered to Hannah’s friend Clay. Whilst the show has received criticism about how it dealt with the subject matter and personally I felt this was justified I also understood that this was a television drama and not a documentary so in my opinion it can be forgiven for that.

Anyway since i was at work last night and binge watched Netflix I haven’t been to sleep yet so going to grab a sandwich and hit the sack.

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